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Rat Pest Removal

Rodents can spread numerous diseases. They are primarily passed on to people through their urine. 

They also can do a tremendous amount of damage to your home or building, such as chewing through electrical cables a cause of electrical fires in some cases they will gnaw through pipes causing flooding or even gas pipes can be extremely dangerous.
If you own a business, you have a legal responsibility to keep your premises rat/rodent free . Not to mention the effect it could have on a business reputation for customer saw evidence of rat, such as rat droppings.
We have the expertise come in and eliminate lots of issues that can attract rats we seal up holes and gaps which they can get through. Because rats bread and multiply so quickly is important to get qualified, trained pest control personnel to eliminate the problem before it becomes severe. They have access to pesticides not available to the general public and are usually successful at eliminating issues associated with rats. They will also help you to avoid encouraging them by giving you advice on what to avoid such as compost bins are not sealed correctly food on the ground. Bird feeders, making sure you have proper containers that eliminates food sources. If you think you have a problem with rats. Give us a call. We can help

This shopping centre had a problem with birds. That’s us putting nets up to stop them getting in

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